Real Estate Broker: Exclusive Agents and Picks and Shovels

I am a licensed real estate broker, and Realtor in California and in Nevada. In Nevada, I do real estate brokerage as Picks and Shovels, LLC.

If you need help buying or selling real estate, I will help you or help you find another broker who may be better suited to the particular assignment. Some specialties require experts in that field.

I enjoy real estate brokerage. I prefer representing Buyers but will list properties for sale when I can be effective. You may call me anytime for an opinion or any questions. I know that I canít be all things to all people, so I will only take assignments where I can serve you well.

Generally, when I represent a Buyer, I will take care of their financing without an added fee. This saves them a lot of money.

This is how it works. Usually, the Seller of a property is paying a commission for the sale, which is shared by their listing broker with the selling broker (me). Since I am earning a larger fee on the real estate transaction, I can often forgo any commission or profit on the loan portion. You save money! Again, I can provide referenences to those who are interested.


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