The Cult of Jeff

After many years in the real estate/mortgage lending business, I have learned a few things. It will make me happy if I can help you, and continue in my success at the same time. The opportunity for me to help you is truly a gift for me. Your happiness will pay me endless dividends.

The most important lesson I have learned is that oneís relationships are most important to oneís success. Do the right thing; try to do your best, treat each client as if they are your best friend, relative, self, and you cannot fail. The reward is two fold. First, I will feel good, because each success is a reward, and second, happy clients bring a good quality of new client. The referral client you bring me will be pre-qualified and pre-sold. All I have to do is give the client (friend) what they want, and the assignment is mine. No advertising cost and no sale are necessary. Selling often belittles the value of the product.

At the same time, I must acknowledge that what feels the best for the client, is really most important. The most logical choice is not the correct solution if it causes the client anxiety. I will tell you what I think, but not what you should feel. My job is to listen, offer choices, and provide a valuable product that fits emotionally, as well as financially.

This is the Cult of Jeff. Count on me, not an anonymous corporation, or a hired drone. We will become friends for life. You will call me anytime you have a question, and I will call you whenever I think that I can improve your situation. For some of our clients, we try to rehabilitate their real estate or real estate financial picture. It can be a two or even three step process. We are here to help see you through.

All that it requires is my time and determination. Most of my assignments are pretty simple. Find out the circumstances, do some research, and match the client to the situation. Sometimes it takes more effort and creativity. One must be frank, especially when success appears difficult or unlikely. But if time and effort are required, the Broker must be willing to go the extra mile, or one hundred miles. The willingness to push the envelope is the key to a good agent. Bulldog Mortgage wonít quit when the going gets tough.

More important, long after the fee that I have earned has been spent, the pride and satisfaction of the accomplishment will provide me an additional reward. What else is life about? If I do something well, I can be happy that I have given at least what I would have expected in return.

My core belief is that the real estate transaction, loan or sale, is a rare and important event in a personís life. Someone you can count on is a major asset. If one spends enough time shopping, one might find a lower price, but at the risk that the consultant is not fully invested in the success of the assignment. Some believe that itís not cost effective to invest time in a tough deal. I have discovered that in the long haul, my dividends are likely to be great.

I will endeavor to dedicate myself to your successful transaction. When complete, you will believe in me: my abilities and my energy. From then on, you and those you care about will rely on me to provide my best, unbiased advice and consul on how to accomplish your real estate or real estate financial goals.

My success is based on me, an individual and real person. I promise to give my knowledge, integrity, experience, and creativity to you, to fulfill your needs in whatever capacity you require of me.


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