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Everybody else has one, so we do too. Use this application if it makes you happy. Or just pick up the phone and call us. You can mail us the paper we want, and we can take the rest by dictation. We will express you the application package along with a postage paid return envelope.

Besides, until we make human (voice) contact, how do you know you want to work with us, and how do we know that we want to work with you?

Seriously, very few people like filling out forms, online or off. The application is not the issue. Call us, toll free from anywhere in the US, at (800) 552-3528, or use one of our local numbers if you are in Santa Barbara or Las Vegas. WE WILL GET IT DONE JUST AS FAST.

If you prefer, you can fill our out application on a secure server.  If you get an error message, your browser might be to old, and may not support the latest security features.  In this case, you can continue on our standard server.

You can also click here to go to a downloadable full 1003 that can be printed out.

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