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Bulldog Mortgage is owned and operated by Jeff Schlossberg. Iím Jeff. The dog is Murphy (Brown). Iíll leave it to you to determine which is which. We are headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, with another office in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love my life.

My first career was in law enforcement, as a crime scene investigator. Believe it or not, this was great training for a real estate and loan broker. Both require that you gather facts, evaluate plans, and solve problems. The number one quality in solving problems is tenacity: hence Bulldog. We hang in.

After six years with my hometown police department, I needed a change. I took a long vacation, did a few photography assignments, and fell into my first real estate job with Kennedy-Wilson, a real estate auction company. That was exciting and led to my first license in California.

After a couple of years I went into lending with Home Savings of America, H.F. Ahmanson. At the time, they were the largest savings and loan in the US. My job was in the Major Loan Department. During this time I moved to Santa Barbara, and married. I became an instant step-dad to two beautiful girls.

I joined up with the largest local commercial real estate broker in Santa Barbara, then went back to institutional lending, and then FINALLY, in 1992, went out on my own.

I have had, and still have, several ďdbaísĒ (doing business as) but except for a brief period, all my business names have been solo efforts. I am also known as Exclusive Agents, Flat Rate Mortgage, Platform Services and Picks & Shovels . I enjoy challenge and variety but am candid and confidential in all matters.

I love my work and Iíve done it long enough so that I can usually judge what can or cannot be done, and how to do it. I will take the time to do it right. When someone else is better equipped to handle a loan or real estate project, I refer it to that person. My only source of business has been referral and repeat business. ITíS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY; ITíS ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP.

I can provide you with blind testimonials from happy clients if you would like a reference, I will let you speak with existing clients and you can ask them about me to get the direct and un-edited scoop.

This is not a difficult job for a mature person. It helps to listen, take notes and be creative. A good loan broker needs reasonable intelligence, lots of experience, and enough patience to see the job through. Wisdom and caring are helpful. One must be honest and persistent. There are many details to manage and other parties to keep on top of. Thatís why a good mortgage broker is like a bulldog. Dig in, clamp on, and donít let go.


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